eMotimo Spectrum ST4 with Heavy Duty L Bracket and Focus on iFootage slider with Direct Drive motor
eMotimo Spectrum ST4 hardcase containing motion control head, PS4 Remote, 12 volt power supply, focus motor and heavy duty L bracket
eMotimo Spectrum ST4 Run and Gun Bundle overview of all items included in Direct Drive bundle
eMotimo Spectrum ST4 with heavy duty L bracket and Focus motor on iFootage Shark Slider with case and shutter cables
eMotimo Spectrum ST4 motor port view
eMotimo Spectrum ST4 Run and Gun Bundle overview of all items included in 14:1 bundle
eMotimo Spectrum ST4 Run and Gun Bundle overview of all items included in Direct Drive + 14:1 bundle

eMotimo Spectrum ST4 and ST4.3 Run & Gun Bundle

Sale price$4,229.00
Version:ST4.3 - New with Exp. Port
Battery Plate (not shown):V Mount
Motor Type:Both Motors

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eMotimo Inc.
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Our smallest and lightest bundle. Easy to pack and carry. Now available with either the original ST4 or the updated ST4.3

The eMotimo Spectrum ST4 is a motion control pan and tilt head. The Spectrum is an advanced 4-axis motion controller for cinematography and photography that is faster, more accurate, and easier to use than anything else on the market. 

The eMotimo Spectrum ST4.3 is our recently released upgraded version that adds our new expansion port. The ST4.3 can now additionally connect up to 3 Tilta Nucleus M motors, making this up to a 7 Axis rig. 

What's Included:

1) Spectrum ST4 4-axis motion control head or Spectrum ST4.3 7-axis motion control head (choose options) + Wireless PS4 controller

    2) Spectrum medium hard case 

    3) Universal L-bracket (camera / Fz motor mounting)

    4) eMotimo Fz (Focus/Zoom) Motor

    5) iFootage Shark Slider with 30 inch base and 2 foot extension (configurable to 2 and 4 foot lengths)

    6) iFootage Integration Kit with motor(s) of your choosing - direct drive is fast, quiet and great for level shots. 14:1 geared motor is strong and meant for angled and vertical shots.  

    7) uSD Card/Instructions

    8) Arca compatible plate for pan axis

    9) 12V AC power supply

    10) CL-N3, CL-E3, CL-S2 camera trigger cables

    Size: 7.35" x 7.3" x 5"

    Weight: 4.5 lbs.

    Supports: 15 lbs.

    Bulb Ramping: Yes, compatible with 3rd party solutions

    Pan speed: 120 degrees/second

    Tilt speed: 60 degrees/second

    Slider speed: 12 inch/second

    Powering specs: 12-24V. Minimum 2A. 3.5A preferred. Connector: 2.1mm x 5.5mm x 12mm circular barrel connector – center positive.




    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews

    I primarily use the ST4 for time lapse photography work using the Sony A9 and A7RIV. I checked out other options in this price range, and felt they were pretty plasticky and under-whelming.. or way more expensive, heavy and complicated.

    My first set-up and time-lapse run on the ST4 took less than 10 minutes, including a call to Brian for a self-induced mistake (plug the 3.5mm cable to the camera input.. no the I/O one dummy!). Brian has been great with post-purchase support, helping me optimize the system so it is as light and simple as possible for backpacking in the high backcountry (V-Mount D-tap to Sony dummy battery, etc)

    The ST4 is extremely well built, the user interface is well though-out, and it comes in a light/portable package. Super excited for the possibilities it will allow me to un-lock!.

    Added a Timelapse+ VIEW Intervalometer recently and working through the integration with the ST4.. amazing stuff!.

    Kudos to Brian and the team at Emotimo!

    Thanks Moises - we appreciate that you did your research and ended up with eMotimo. We are excited to see what you shoot with it.

    Larry Goodwin
    Quality, Integration, Support

    Some years ago I purchased a slider with pan and tilt actions. Had a lot of fun with that setup doing motion time-lapse photography. I have been following eMotimo for several years and have watched their progress with additional features and integration of other products including Tilta lens control and DragonFrame to name a few. Now that my interests have grown to include macro video it was time to upgrade. After checking out eMotimo and talking to Brian it was obvious that they the tool set I needed to get started. I purchased the Run and Gun bundle. I have only had their gear a few weeks and just started to get into it but having a good time. The build quality is excellent and easy to setup and use. I have started to get into the video and still photography using DragonFrame and what a lot of fun. Support for pre and post sales has been easy and fast. Plenty of videos and tutorials on their website. Like every technology I am sure I will have a few issues and problems as I go down this path but I feel confident I will set the support I need.

    David Emmerichs
    A Great Piece of Gear

    I bought this setup after doing a lot of research and I feel I got exactly what I was hoping to find. I plan to use the system mostly for stop motion projects controlled through DragonFrame. First I tested the system in its standalone setup and it works really well. I shot a few tests to see just how repeatable it really is and I was stunned at the accuracy. I'll be able to do multiple pass effects shots without worrying about alignment from pass to pass, which was a big worry for me about any compact system at such a low price point.

    Then I hooked the system up to my computer running DragonFrame by following the helpful guide on this website. That all went off without a hitch. Thank you eMotimo for the thorough guides, they're very helpful. You get finer control and more flexibility through DragonFrame and it works really well. I look forward to making some very cool shots with this setup.

    I had a few questions when I was doing my initial research, and a few more after I received the package, and the team at eMotimo were very helpful and responsive.

    Again, what you get is remarkable, especially for such a reasonable price.

    I highly recommend the company and the equipment.

    Jason Hartwick
    Spectrum ST4

    Wow, this system is amazing for video and running timelapses. After one trip with the Spectrum, I wonder why i waited so long to purchase this system. Very easy to use with a variety of speeds and applications. Really looking forward to working more with this unit. Must have for timelapse photographers!

    George Giannaris
    Exactly what was expected.

    Let me preface this review by saying that I currently own an Edelkrone system. I like Edelkrone but their products do not function reliably. After a software update, I can fiddle with the Edelkrone slider for an hour to get it to work. No time for that. I spoke extensively with Brian for at least an hour. What I love about the ST4 is that it works, it is consistent and there are no glitches. Even with minimal instruction, it is intuitive. There were no negative surprises. Brian told me what to expect and I got exactly what he said I would get. The unit is beefy, quiet and reliable. It can handle a heavy load, which makes it far more cost effective than any other automated slider system on the market. Wish I invested in emotimo first.

    Thanks George for the feedback!. Some of our best customers are from customers who have tried other systems first. We like great flashy features too that some of our competitors push, but we have seen it universally come with hits on usability and set up time.