What can you shoot in a day?

eMotimo spectrum ST4 or ST4.3 with Dana Dolly Integration

Already own a Dana Dolly? Motorize it with the eMotimo spectrum ST4 (4axis) or ST4.3 (7axis). The spectrum / Dana Dolly integration supports up 15lbs for video moves.

This kit is perfect for motorized interviews, tabletop product shooting, VFX, Multicam Studio and Virtual Production

Easy to setup.

Add your spectrum ST4 to your Dana Dolly in minutes. No drilling or custom tools required. Included quick releases and thumbscrews help to keep things easy. Just plug in 2 cables and a battery to shoot 4 axes.

Perfect for interviews

Automate your interviews with spectrum ST4. With 4 axes of movement you can frame your
subject regardless of your move and their position in relation to the track.
With focus control, you will always keep your subject sharp even with extreme focal changes.

Smooth Tabletop Product Shooting

Smooth and precise for close-up macro shots.
The spectrum ST4 / Dana Dolly kit will make your product shots stand out.

Accurate & Repeatable for VFX

Repeat your previous move as many times as you need. Spectrum ST4 is frame for frame repeatable, making multiple pass VFX shots as easy as a single button press. Matching shots is easy with the bloop light on the remote.


Stand out with a 4-axis shot that include focus changes. The spectrum ST4
has a built-in intervalometer to trigger your DSLR. Additionally, all known
bulb ramping solutions are supported. For the pros who want to go bigger, the
spectrum ST4 supports larger video cameras like RED’s and Alexa Mini’s. The
spectrum ST4 is exceptionally power efficient and can handle long duration
shoots with any 12-24 VDC source.