eMotimo spectrum ST4

remote and multi-camera shooting

with Skaarhoj controllers

capabilities available now

Live Panning,Tilting, Sliding, Focusing a camera from over a wired network.

Controlling up to 8 camera from a single PTZ Fly or PTZ Extreme Skaarhoj Controller

Setting  up to 20 smart presets with time of travel and ramping for each camera.

Ganging multiple presets recalls from multiple cameras off a single button press.


I want to be able to record and recall traces for each camera position

I want to be able to autoloop routines based on a button press.

production has changed

Production has Changed Production has fundamentally changed due to Covid-19 and social distancing. There are a lot of unknowns and regulations are changing quickly and with very little notice. Clients will have various needs and wants that need to be addressed to feel safe and create an environment that is productive. Everyone is hoping that things will get back to the way they were, but waiting around for that to happen leaves too much out of control.

Since mid 2019, we have been actively working on building out new ways to control our flagship product, the eMotimo spectrum ST4. With 15lbs of payload and the ability to precisely control Pan/Tilt/Focus/Zoom or Pan/Tilt/Slide/Focus, the eMotimo ST4, enable control of the camera/lens payload you want without the compromises that all-in-one PTZ camera turrets require.

We don't want to be just alarmists, we want to be able to help production studios, creative agencies, houses of worship, higher education to adapt and thrive in this new world. That's why we've been working so hard on and our so excited about our integration with Skaarhoj. We are in the process of real-world testing and have rolled out our integration to a few clients, but we are looking for more so if you want to get involved, simply fill out the form below and we'll be in touch.

Single Camera framing when you aren't in the room.

Challenge 1

When you can't be in the room, and you need basic framing capability, we have a solution now. It uses a single Skaarhoj  PTZ Fly controller over TCP/IP to give live control of Pan/Tilt/Focus/Zoom, or Pan/Tilt/Slide/Focus for any camera lens combo up to 15lbs.  Just need to adjust headspace, or need accommodate the talent shifting in her seat?  We have you covered.  Knowing you can reframe, means more creativity in achieving the look you want.

The PTZ Fly controller is a POE, power over internet device that connects to a local TCP/IP network over Cat5/Cat6 cable. It's 3-way joystick controls the ST4's  Pan/Tilt/Zoom (framing) with 256 levels of velocity control with damping.  Two of the 6 buttons can be configured to control a focus motor.  Any standard geared lens can interface with eMotimo's Fz motors.  In this simplest configuration, you have the ability to frame and re-frame the shot smoothly and accurately from anywhere where your network is connected.  

Multiple Cameras

Challenge 2

Looking to add a secondary shooting angle for talking heads, or product shoots?  The network can easily expand where a single PTZ Fly or PTZ Extreme and can select multiple camera (technically, up to 8).  All the live control you have for a single camera is possible with multiples.  Press a button on the PTZ contoller to take control and drive. 

I have my hands full and I need macros

challenge 3

Adding multiple camera positions without increasing the number of operators is fine if positing is really only a one time task, but if you are in a live environment like a lecture hall or house of worship, or even in studio, there are times when you need to change the scene and reset several cameras. If the new scene is known, this is the perfect opportunity to use some of the macro capabilities called presets. 
These presets are target positions where all the axes of the ST4 are set to a certain location.  In eMotimo language, we call these GoTo Frames. In addition to telling the camera where to point, focus/zoom/slide to, we define parameters on how fast to get there and how to arrive there with correct ramping/damping.  The end results is a cinematic transition over a known period of time with smooth starts and stops. These are powerful points that can be set up ahead of time and are assigned to individual ST4's.  

Where this really gets useful is assigning these presets to buttons on the PTZ controller where that Button 1 press kicks off several things like: 
1) Send Camera 1 to zoom wide and show studio as quickly as possible,
2) Camera 2 goes for a medium shot of cooking station number 2 over 5 seconds with 1 second of ramp,
3) Camera 3 will start a 30 second slide on the front of the stage from left to right.

Button 2 press kicks off several things like:
1) Send Camera 1 transition from Wide to Tight over 10 seconds 
2) Camera 2 moves for a tight shot of the hands of the chef at cooking station 2, as fast as we can. 
3) Camera 3 will start a 30 second slide back the other direction from right to left.

Frequently asked questions

No, the network required to control the camera is not the same as an image monitoring network. This enables greater flexibility in how the network is structured. 

If you are local, in building, the network should be able to have a latency well less than 20ms, which will enable a clean live control without perceived llag from the camera operator.  Up to 250ms is usable for slow framing.

Yes, but it needs to be through a VPN.

This is VISCA network, but it was modified to remove many of the limitations that hinder other cameras. Most PTZ cameras were built for framing only and don't have the resolution or level of control for cinematic camera motion that can add so much production value to a shoot.  eMotimo ST4 was built for cinematic motion.  In our implementation of VISCA, instead of a total of 8 variable speeds of zoom, we have 128 speeds.  Instead of 24 pans and 20 Tilt speeds, we have 128.  The ST4 actually has over 100K different speeds possible that it automatically traverses when accelerating and decelerating, but 128 feels nice an stepless for most live moves.  Most commands modified to enable finer and position accurate control at levels previously possible.  Additionally, we are bringing the the ability to easily add linear motion from sliders and dollys.  

need help?

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