eMotimo Spectrum ST4 with Heavy Duty L Bracket and Focus on iFootage slider with Direct Drive motor
eMotimo Spectrum ST4 hardcase containing motion control head, PS4 Remote, 12 volt power supply, focus motor and heavy duty L bracket
eMotimo Spectrum ST4 Run and Gun Bundle overview of all items included in Direct Drive bundle
eMotimo Spectrum ST4 with heavy duty L bracket and Focus motor on iFootage Shark Slider with case and shutter cables
eMotimo Spectrum ST4 motor port view
eMotimo Spectrum ST4 Run and Gun Bundle overview of all items included in 14:1 bundle
eMotimo Spectrum ST4 Run and Gun Bundle overview of all items included in Direct Drive + 14:1 bundle

eMotimo Spectrum ST4 and ST4.3 Run & Gun Bundle

Sale price$4,149.00
21 reviews
21 reviews
Version:ST4.3 - New with Exp. Port
Battery Plate (not shown):V Mount
Motor Type:Direct Drive Motor

Our smallest and lightest bundle. Easy to pack and carry. Now available with either the original ST4 or the updated ST4.3

The eMotimo Spectrum ST4 is a motion control pan and tilt head. The Spectrum is an advanced 4-axis motion controller for cinematography and photography that is faster, more accurate, and easier to use than anything else on the market. 

The eMotimo Spectrum ST4.3 is our recently released upgraded version that adds our new expansion port. The ST4.3 can now additionally connect up to 3 Tilta Nucleus M motors, making this up to a 7 Axis rig. 

What's Included:

1) Spectrum ST4 4-axis motion control head or Spectrum ST4.3 7-axis motion control head (choose options) + Wireless PS4 controller

    2) Spectrum medium hard case 

    3) Universal L-bracket (camera / Fz motor mounting)

    4) eMotimo Fz (Focus/Zoom) Motor

    5) iFootage Shark Slider with 30 inch base and 2 foot extension (configurable to 2 and 4 foot lengths)

    6) iFootage Integration Kit with motor(s) of your choosing - direct drive is fast, quiet and great for level shots. 14:1 geared motor is strong and meant for angled and vertical shots.  

    7) uSD Card/Instructions

    8) Arca compatible plate for pan axis

    9) 12V AC power supply

    10) CL-N3, CL-DC0, CL-S2 DSLR camera trigger cables

    Size: 7.35" x 7.3" x 5"

    Weight: 4.5 lbs.

    Supports: 15 lbs.

    Bulb Ramping: Yes, compatible with 3rd party solutions

    Pan speed: 120 degrees/second

    Tilt speed: 60 degrees/second

    Slider speed: 12 inch/second

    Powering specs: 12-24V. Minimum 2A. 3.5A preferred. Connector: 2.1mm x 5.5mm x 12mm circular barrel connector – center positive.




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