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VFX with the spectrum ST4

Create commercial quality visual effects faster, and more easily than ever with the spectrum st4.

Repeatable camera movement is a powerful tool that is only accomplished by a computer controller motion control rig. Repeating that motion perfectly, pass, after pass enables things like:

1) Closing Subjects Object removal/addition - Just like people object that differ between scenes can be removed or added over time.   


2) Blending of plates with different time bases - Slightly trickier in that the various passes are run at different framerates. 

  • Overcranked, higher-framerate passes, must be run faster (over a shorter duration) 
  • Undercranked, lower-framerate passes must be run slower (over a longer duration) 

Each of these effects are possible without motion control. The effects are easy to do with locked off cameras, but "selling" a scene is much easier when the camera is performing a natural motion.

Once you know the basic techniques and principles, you can apply them in many ways.

Below is a quick first test showing off the concept.

Below a full tutorial with BTS and editing tips to pull this off.

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