The eMotimo Spectrum ST4.3 is here. It is an update to the ST4 with a new 7-pin expansion port. This port provides both power and communication to accessories.

ST4.3 Control OVerview

Questions and Answers


The ST4.3 has been in the works for a long time. It's been fully tested internally and with Beta users.

The spectrum ST4.3 is available now in several bundles. Scroll Down!

Currently, only eMotimo is selling ST4.3's. As we build inventory, we will begin distributing to resellers. This is expected late summer, 2022.

What can I shoot?

You bet. Technically a Zolly or zoom dolly only requires 3 axes of control if your pan and tilt are locked off and you are lined up well with the subject.
1) Push in / Pull out with a slide
2) Counter Zoom to keep your subject the same size
3) Manage Focus

The ST4.3 makes it easy to set these shots up. Make sure you start with a good cinema zoom.

Our tests showed that keeping your framing on target while pushing in/out will likely require minor pan/tilt corrections as well making an easy to capture Zolly a 5 axis shot.

This technical shot is now easy and predictable. What will you zolly?

We think that a 6-axis rig (pan/tilt/slide/turntable/focus/zoom) is a killer combo for those wanting to shoot the product quickly and effectively.

The strength of the ST4.3 is not just being able to control additional axis, but making those axes easy to set up and use during the shot.

The ST4.3 can shoot anything the ST4 can shoot with the flexibility of freeing up our M3 and M4 motor ports for other accessories.

Features and Functionality

Yes. This is one of the most exciting parts of this integration. Focus is arguably the most "Human" axis.

A-->B focus pulls have a place, but typically focus is quite organic and requires a human touch to put it exactly where you want it.

Even for simple product shots where the focus is critical, you may add 5-9 keyframes of focus during your move. This is relatively quick but still isn't accurate enough for many shoots. Yes, we could add more keyframes, but this takes more time.

What if you could program your entire move (pan/tilt/slide/zoom) on the ST4. Then, while that movement is playing back, use the Tilta Hand controller to drive focus live. The ST4.3 "listens" and records your focus commands and combines the very human focus trajectory with the ST4's other axis. On the next playback, all axis, including the organic focus move will play back together.

This blended programming or hybrid programming is brand new to motion control at this price point. We think this is a great idea and tremendously intuitive and natural.

In short, this programming method can save you hours of frustration trying to keyframe complex focus moves.

If you aren't a skilled focus puller, we have some additional tricks up our sleeve too. What if you could run your record pass where you are capturing your focus positions live at a speed that is slower than normal - say 25% speed and then play it back at 100% speed once you have laid down the perfect focus track?
We can do that - check out our new Speed % changes.

eMotimo is rolling out an exciting new feature - speed changes. This feature lets you perfectly playback a programmed move without rewriting it. This feature has benefits in production where you might have spent some time authoring the perfect move but need to compress the EXACT same motion/lens control paths on a stretched or compressed timeline.

Additionally, with Live Focus / Zoom capture, you can slow down your record pass to nail that shot in slow motion. Once captured, speed it up

Yes, Dragonframe 4.1+ will work to control up to three new lens motors from the ST4 (7Axis). You will need to download the latest RC008 firmware for this support.

As always, eMotimo supports the real time interface enabling you to previews your moves faster.


We have started building out a section in our online eMotimo Knowledge Base.


ST4 customers can upgrade. Pricing is $425 + return shipping for the basic upgrade or $650 + return shipping if you would like an additional 6 months of warranty.

This upgrade will require your sending back your unit to our shop in San Diego, CA. Once here, it takes 7-10 business days for the upgrade and test before it heads back to you.

Upgrades are currently available in our store.

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