Where Has 2020 Gone? Where's 2021 Going? - eMotimo

Where Has 2020 Gone? Where's 2021 Going?

after 11 years of running eMotimo, these past 15 months have been the most tumultuous. From running a business during a pandemic, modifying our sourcing and supply chain issues, and branching into new markets, nothing over the last year has been easy.
Making the mundane look sexy and making money while doing it. - eMotimo
dana dolly

Making the mundane look sexy and making money while doing it.

Professional product shooters take note.  This is an example of how to pay off a 4 axis motion control rig in two, half day shoots.  Oh, you have fun doing it too!
VFX with the spectrum ST4 - eMotimo
4 axis

VFX with the spectrum ST4

Create commercial quality visual effects faster, and more easily than ever with the spectrum st4. Repeatable camera movement is a powerful tool that is only accomplished by a computer controller motion control rig. Repeating that motion perfectly, pass, after pass enables things like: 1) Closing Subjects Object removal/addition - Just like people object that differ between scenes can be removed or added over time.      2) Blending of plates with different time bases - Slightly trickier in that the various passes are run at different framerates.  Overcranked, higher-framerate passes, must be run faster (over a shorter duration)  Undercranked, lower-framerate passes must be run slower (over a longer duration)  Each of these effects are possible without motion control. The effects are easy to do with locked off cameras, but "selling" a scene is much easier when the camera is performing a natural motion. Once you know the basic techniques and principles, you can apply them in many ways.Below is a quick first test showing off the concept. Below a full tutorial with BTS and editing tips to pull this off. Products Used:1) Spectrum + Dana Dolly Integration Kit 2) Dana Dolly - Original Track Ends 3) eMotimo RED SYNC Cable