Red dot award winner - eMotimo

Red dot award winner

The pan/tilt head is characterized by a particularly user-friendly control, turning even the finest movements into child’s play. - Red Dot Jury What’s a Red Dot? Red Dot consists of an international panel of judges that have been scrutinizing products since 1955.  Apple, Dyson, Sony are some of the big players that win these awards.   An honorable mention from Red Dot is big.  eMotimo’s win for the spectrum st4 and Fz combo is huge. Large design teams chase this award their entire careers without ever getting one. For our small eMotimo team, winning this award is validation that our efforts in innovation are being recognized.Why did we win? Our design was super clean with well-thought-out wire management and the right materials.  Most of all we enabled the jury members to pick up our controller and program their first moves in minutes without reading the instructions. Motion control should just work.   -Brian and Logan