March 24, 2020 3 Comments

We could pretend that COVID-19 isn’t a big deal, but it is. Watching what's happening and feeling the lack of control has weighed on me and everyone we know.

What does it mean to eMotimo now?

Sales / Shipping / Manufacturing - eMotimo is open for business and through the website. We have stock of our heads and accessories and are continuing to build. We are taking orders through our site and will ship. We have designated our shop / distribution to have only a single employee working at any one time.

Support - Our knowledge base / help system is always up at  You can open a ticket there or by sending an email to    

Phone / live chat support will be limited, so start with a help ticket if you can. If you call in to 415-684-8162, please leave a message if no one is available to pick up.

What does it mean to eMotimo long term?

eMotimo Health - eMotimo is uniquely positioned to adapt and thrive in tough environments. We carry no debt and have low overhead. In short, eMotimo is strong and positioned to weather long runs of slower sales. Sales are currently better than we forecast, fueled by production shifts to smaller spaces and home studios.

Is eMotimo continuing to develop?

Yes, the spectrum line of products and accessories will be evolving. If you have a spectrum ST4, you will soon have some more options for things to connect it to.  First one on the list will be talked about early next week!

Personal notes

Yesterday and today, I woke up and felt like my family was safe and fully settled in our new home (moved in 2 weeks ago to our forever home) and are adapting well to a new normal (two kids and the new Burling home-school is resource intensive).

Here are a few moments from the last 5 days;

  • Seeing our 4 year old run a zoom meeting with her pre-school class is a riot. Imagine her teacher is in her 70’s and figuring out Zoom for the first time. It's basically a bunch a screaming cats with the screen share hopping to the loudest one.
  • Seeing our 1.5 year old terrorize his older sister and do everything she is doing and being frustrated when he can’t. Hearing his vocabulary grow and blossoms from less than ten word to hundreds of words is amazing.
  • My wife and I assembled a climbing gym in our backyard between rainstorms and naps. There were power tools and beer and poorly written instructions.  Our marriage survived . .barely.
  • Finished assembling the new Weber and grilled in my socks and flip flops.  "Merica!"
  • Playing with things I love with people I love:
    4 year old
    : "Daddy, can we play robots?"  
    me: "Always"
  • The joy of being here with my family and seeing them every morning and every night and working through challenges with them is creating memories that will last forever.  My hope is that these joys will always overshadow the forced reasons about why we are here.

When I dig in and really think of where we are and where we want to be, I see tremendous opportunity; the opportunity to make a change and push hard in the right direction and do great things personally and with eMotimo. I am glad I know great people, and have great customers who are smart, safe, and can dig in with me to make the best of this tough time. Thanks for playing with me and eMotimo.


-Brian Burling - eMotimo guy

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March 24, 2020

Looking at wheel interface! Nice. I wonder if this could work with my PLC Veracity Wheel? The family looks super happy :)

Be safe


James Hall
James Hall

March 24, 2020

FANTASTIC news! Glad you and your family are safe and NEW ROBOTS are in the works! 👏🏾⭐💯

Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson

March 24, 2020

Love this post Brian! Thanks so much for everything thru the years! I hope you, your family and all the employees are safe and healthy!

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