Gold-Mount Spectrum ST4 Upgrade and Retrofit
Gold-Mount Spectrum ST4 Upgrade and Retrofit

Gold-Mount Upgrade and Retrofit

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Send us your eMotimo Spectrum ST4 for a Gold-Mount Upgrade. We install the Gold Mount plate and a new tilt plate on your existing ST4. With the internal wiring, your Spectrum ST4 will power on anytime you engage the battery. We are offering this upgrade with a Dynacore Gold Mount Plate.  It also includes a DTAP power port to allow you to power your camera from a single battery! 

After placing the order, please send a message to with your order number. We will provide shipping instructions. 

The shipping cost is calculated for your return shipping. We typically complete the upgrade and process return shipping within 8 business days of receiving your unit however, if we do not have the parts on hand, the process can take up to 3 weeks. Please plan accordingly.