Gold-Mount Upgrade and Retrofit

Send back your eMotimo spectrum ST4 for a Gold-Mount upgrade. We install the Gold Mount plate and new tilt plate on your existing ST4.  With the internal wiring, your spectrum ST4 will power on anytime you engage the battery. We are offering this upgrade with a Dynacore Gold Mount Plate.  It includes a DTAP power port to allow you to power your camera from a single battery too! 

After placing the order, please send a message to sales@emotimo.com with you order number. We will provide return shipping instructions. 

The shipping cost is calculated for your return shipping.  We typically can turn these around and ship them within 5 business days of receipt, but please schedule these as they can take up to 3 weeks if we don't have ready parts on hand.

If you are looking to add the Gold Mount plate to an unshipped spectrum order, please reach out to sales@emotimo.com