The eMotimo Cart gives you ideal 3rd or 4th axis freedom. Set up short or long linear movements. Let the scene/environment you're shooting define the length or curve of you move, not the gear you have. The Cart is perfect for moving around or through a subject or environment. Great for SMS timelapse. Achieve a parallax effect or move in a full circle without leaving any witness to the equipment being used for the shot. You will need a spectrum ST4 in order to program the Cart. 

            • 1) Fast 5:1 motor

              2) 19" spectrum cable

              3) 80mm rubber wheels

              4) Mountable chassis (through holes for both 1/4-20" and 3/8-16 studs)

              5) Precision degree dial for curved movements


            • Size: ~15" x 10.5" x 5"

              Weight: 3 lbs.

              Supports: 15 lbs. With TB3: 8 lbs.  Without spectrum or TB3: 20 lbs. 

            • Instruction manual




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