Emotimo conductor SA2.6

The easiest way to motorize your Dana Dolly

Unlock motion control that's fast, quiet and accurate –
take after take after take.


eMotimo Conductor SA2.6

The game-changing motion control system that integrates with your Dana Dolly (and other gear) to unlock repeatable, motorized precision.

We don't shoot cars without our eMotimos—they're indispensable

Mike Hall - Dana Dolly and AZGrip founder

Fast set-up

Only minutes to set up with your dolly, and seconds to program.

Track interviews perfectly, without an operator

Ace your ping-pong interview setups with reliability that lasts all day, never missing a beat.

With the quick set-up Interview Monster Mode, simply set your start and end points, hit 'go', and let the Conductor SA2.6 do the rest.

Precise, repeatable product shots

Use the Product Monster Mode to set up simple or complex moves in seconds,and nail that perfect product hero shot.

Whether shooting a simple A to B shots or programming up to 9 Keyframes, the Conductor SA2.6 coordinates:

  • linear motion from Dana Dolly,
  • Pan, Tilt, Roll from your gimbal and
  • Focus and Zoom from various lens motors

Do even more... a WHOLE LOT more!

Motorising your slider is only the start. More technical shots become easy with the Conductor SA2.6.
Add a FIZ System, gimbal or other equipment to precisely control up to eight axes at once.

Check out this example - a Zoom-Dolly (Zolly) shot at F2.8 timesd perfectly to fit the scrip. Then, because we could, we also threw in some roll and pan/tilt correction, just to make it interesting.

What's Included with your

SA2.6 Conductor + Dana Dolly Kit

  • eMotimo Conductor SA2.6 Motion Controller
  • Dana Dolly Motor Pod and 11.5 feet belt (plenty for a 10-foot run)
  • PS4 DualShock or PS5 DualSense Remote
  • Power supply
  • DJI RS2/RS3 integration dongle and cable

Got questions?

We love to talk about our gear, and all the things it can do when paired with your gear!

To discuss your unique set-up and requirements, contact us on +1-415-684-8162, or drop us an email anytime.

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