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Remote Shooting

Need to control cameras remotely and beyond the range of our standard bluetooth gaming controllers?  Consider the following product from eMotimo that can get you control of your camera/lens combinations from a control room.  

Control over IP is from Skaarhoj PTZ controllers as well as BitFocus Companion / Streamdeck is now possible and growing in capability.



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SA2.6 Motion Controller - eMotimoSA2.6 Motion Controller - eMotimo
Conductor SA2.6 Motion Controller
Sale priceFrom $1,349.00
Spectrum ST4, Fz, Dana Dolly Integration Kit, Riser Clamp, Large Hard Case, Shutter Cables, PS4 Remote, 24v Power Supply and additional accessorieseMotimo Spectrum ST4 with Dana Dolly in use
eMotimo Spectrum ST4 V-Mount with SD card, PS4 Remote, L Bracket and 12v Power SupplyeMotimo Spectrum ST4 V-Mount
Spectrum ST4 and ST4.3
Sale priceFrom $2,599.00
Spectrum ST4.3 with Dana Dolly integration and Turntable - eMotimoSpectrum ST4.3 with Dana Dolly integration and Turntable - eMotimo
eMotimo ST4 Network to Serial Adapter
Sold out
Skaarhoj PTZ FlySkaarhoj PTZ Fly
Skaarhoj PTZ Fly
Sale priceFrom $1,949.00