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Spectrum External Motor

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Gear ratio:NEMA17 Direct Drive

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eMotimo is a US based company with headquarters in San Diego, CA.

Our address is:

eMotimo Inc.
8840 Kenamar Dr. STE 403
San Diego, CA  92122
+1  415-684-8162

For sales: please reach out to us at sales@emotimo.com or 415-684-8162

For post sales support: please use our knowledge base and open a ticket at https://support.emotimo.com or send a message to help@emotimo.com

For the DIY'r, these stepper motors allow you to drive a dolly or custom motion control accessory via the M3/M4 ports on the side of your Spectrum ST4/ST4.3 or the M1/M2 motor ports of the Conductor SA2.6

The 5:1, 14:1, 27:1, 100:1 Geared Motors have:

NEMA17 Motor 
Efficient Planetary Gear Drive
8mm mounting shaft

The NEMA 17 Direct Drive Motor has:
5mm mounting shaft

The NEAM23 Direct Drive Motor has:
0.25 inch mounting shaft

All Motors have a short lead Spectrum connector with strain relief. This allows you to plug into the M3/M4 port of the Spectrum with no soldering or crimping.

Extension cables are NOT included and ARE needed as all these motors only have a 4 inch lead ending in the screw lock connector. 

Please note: No hardware, pulleys or motor mounts are included with these motors. If you need HW, mounts and/or pulleys for this motor, please reach out to sales@emotimo.com with the request as we can likely help with a huge bucket of mounts and pulleys.  

Motor Speed

  • NEMA17 5:1: Fast enough for video but can't do slopes - Good for interviews.
  • NEMA17 14:1: Strong enough for video and timelapse - moves up most slopes.
  • NEMA17 27:1: Our strongest Motor - yielding about half the speed and twice the torque of the 14:1 motor. 
  • NEMA17 100:1 - we sometimes have this is stock for its monster torque, but it is very slow. 
  • NEMA17 Direct Drive: Our fastest motor and our choice to be paired with the shark slider for interviews. Great for all horizontal moves and turbo mode. 
  • NEMA23 Direct Drive: Our fastest big frame motor and what we pair with the Dana Dolly Integration Kit. Great for all horizontal moves and turbo mode.  Comes with 16" lead rather than 4" for all other motors.