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The SA2.6 is likely not what you think

Motion control from most vendors has looked the same for a long time. Make a controller and then sell the motors and accessories that only connect to that device. Historically, this was the only way to build a full-featured motion control system.

Over the past years, the industry has been changing. Many larger brands have opened up API's to encourage integration. Why? Customers, like you, have become more discerning, more demanding, and more determined to push their tools to the limit. At eMotimo, we love to integrate and want this trend to continue.

For over two years, eMotimo has been building new and powerful architecture that not only controls our motors but acts as a conductor to orchestrate multiple brands of motion equipment at once.

Imagine an off-the-shelf gimbal that you already own, mounted to a dolly you already own, to shoot automated interviews perfectly. What if you could then add a turntable, focus, and zoom motors to shoot products? What if you could make these integrations seamless, reliable, quick, and actually fun to use?

The results will be outstanding, and the combined solution would cost less than anything else on the market.

The SA2.6 is the conductor.
It will change the game.
It’s almost here.

First Review Is In - NoFILMSchool

We passed off an early unit to NoFilmSchool to get some unbiased feedback. What do you think?

SA2.6 first Enclosure Getting Lasered

Questions and Answers


The SA2.6 is eMotimo's first stand-alone that we have made public.

It is the first product in our next-generation architecture that will enable eMotimo to push the boundaries of motion control.

1) It has 2 powered motor axis outputs for linear movement (slider/dolly) and turrntable.
2) It has software integrations to DJI Gimbals like the RS3 Pro, RS2 Pro and even the Ronin R2 to control Pan/Tilt/Roll and Focus
3) It has software integrations to Tilta Nucleus M motors (up to 3 motors)

Inside the SA2.6 are 4 microprocessors and two motion co-processors, all talking to receive inputs from our remotes and other sources. It maps and controls the outputs.

It short, it is a conductor that enables lots of devices to be integrated and controlled seamlessly.

SA=Stand Alone

2 = powered axis (our M1 and M2 ports)

6 = number of software axis split between DJI Ronin Control and Tilta Focus motors.

Actually, we can control up to 8 software axis, but they would never be used concurrently.

So understating its capability, this single controller is a 2+6 = 8-axis controller - bristling with input and output ports for various use cases.

What can it do?

Quick and easy to set up. Outstanding results on wide and telephoto shoots.

It works all day as your ultraprecise B or C camera operator.

Choose a 5-7-axis rig (pan/tilt/roll/slide/turntable/focus/zoom) is a killer combo for those wanting to shoot product quickly and effectively.

The strength of the SA2.6 is not just being able to control additional axis, but making those axes easy to set up and use during the shot.

Most vendors in motion controls create motor control boxes that only control their motors.

For user input, they may not have any physical controls or just buttons. The majority of control comes from proprietary apps. Their controllers have limited resources and capabilities inside them as they rely on the processing power of phones and tablets.

The SA2.6 is a powerful motion control computer, handling processing and input/output to a number of resources in real-time and with almost no latency. Under the hood, we have 4 microprocessors and two motion coprocessors that split duties to accomplish the tough task of coordinating many disparate systems and juggling inputs and outputs.

Wired Network communication. Want to connect and control across the studio, or across the building - we have you covered.

It will serve as a link to solutions like StreamDeck / Companion software as well as Skaarhoj Pan Tilt Controllers.

In the near future, the SA2.6 will also support IP Connection to Dragonframe, and even connections to Unreal Engine.

Yes. 2 of the 4 processors on board are dedicated to wireless. One for Bluetooth and one for Wifi. By splitting these up, we can currently read Bluetooth remotes while pushing out telemetry and status over Wifi.

Availability and Pricing

The SA2.6 just completed its Beta and is currently selling in our store.

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