Focus has been a large part of every single frame you have shot. You may have the simple goal of getting the focus perfect for a single frame, or you might have higher aspirations of telling stories through focus movement, drawing the eye to the right spot at the perfect time.  Making focus dynamic and change over time isn’t a new trick for cinematographers. What is new is the simplicity, speed and control of focus when paired to the spectrum st4.

Easily adjustable for the perfect gear to lens contact

3 unique axis of adjustment allow you to use the Fz with a variety of lens/body combos.

Why we are different?

We’re light, elegant, and use minimal wiring. No new controller is required, no syncing wires, no additional power supply or splitter.   Small form factor and light motors means you can add one or more of our Fz motors without creating a monstrous rig. We’re strong, quiet, and fast with nearly zero backlash. We utilize standard rails, or offer an integrated solution keeping your costs lower. Our controller, travels with the camera so wire management is easier with the st4. Our integrated live control allows a single operator to do more.


eMotimo Fz currently works with 15mm rails. Coming soon a 18mm rail adapter as well. Use your own 15mm or pick up the eMotimo integrated Lplate.

integrated Lplate

eMotimo Fz shown on optional integrated Lplate

Our goal is to make adding focus, iris, and zoom control easy and seamless with your existing shots.  Fz is light enough and small enough to carry with you everywhere. Not every shot requires a dynamic focus pull, but the capability is there for you as the artist to decide. If you are already shooting panning, tilting, sliding shots, then adding focus, on our integrated 4th axis is as simple as plugging in to your M4 port.