USB to I/O Port Cable for eMotimo Spectrum ST4

Two (2) USB to I/O Port Cable for Spectrum ST4

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Use the USB to I/O Port Cable for Spectrum ST4 to connect your Spectrum to Dragonframe desktop software. This is a USB to a serial 3/32 TRS that goes from your mac or PC's USB port to the i/o port on Spectrum. This cable allows a Spectrum to be controlled by Dragonframe desktop software. This cable is a general-purpose USB to Serial cable. Besides DragonFrame connection, it will allow developers to control the Spectrum using the Spectrum's API. The API is a work in progress. Reach out to to gain access.

Usage note, this cable is particularly sensitive to static. Do not touch the open leads as it can damage or destroy the cable. We now bundle these cables in packages of two. We recommend you always have a backup cable.