Forward / back adjustment plate & clamp

Balance your camera by sliding it forwards and backwards with our Forward/backwards adjustment plate & clamp

**Only works with the eMotimo Universal L-Bracket. If you did not pick one up with your spectrum, these can be ordered separately here.**

Mount either a 100mm or 150mm arca plate to the bottom of your camera.   Mount the clamp to your Universal L-bracket and get more adjustability when clamping your system down. 


  1. 100mm OR 150mm or BOTH arca plates based on option selected
  2. 50mm Arca clamp
  3. 1/4-20" mounting screw - arca plate to camera
  4. 3/8-16" mounting screw -  arca plate to camera
  5. L-Bracket riser and HW to mount to eMotimo Universal L-Bracket
Arca Plate Length

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