Chris Linder


Bio: Chris Linder is an oceanographer and award-winning science photojournalist.  He has documented over a dozen scientific expeditions to the polar regions.  His recent book, Science on Ice: Four Polar Expeditions, was published by the University of Chicago Press. His images have also been featured in Smithsonian, Geo, Outdoor Photographer, and Wired.

Sample Work:

The Chris Linder Interview:

Q. Tell us a little bit about your background. What do you like to shoot as a professional? A. “I am a science expedition photographer/videographer. I travel to some pretty remote locations for my work, from the Congo to Siberia. I work closely with researchers and document them as they study the environment.” Q. What is important to you when you shoot in these remote locations?A. “Durability, weight, size, and usability are all important considerations for any piece of gear I add to my luggage.”

Q. What do you pack in your kit? A. “On a recent trip to Antarctica to film an hour-long PBS documentary movie about climate change science (, I packed an eMotimo TB3 and a lightweight Anker battery to drive my Canon. My objective was to add panning movement to my time-lapse sequences of penguins, sea ice, and life aboard the ship. The TB3 and battery only took up only a quarter of the real estate in a Pelican 1600 hard case.

Q. Was there a particular time or shot where the TB3 came in handy? A. “My shooting time in the Adélie penguin colonies where I really wanted to put the TB3 to the test was extremely limited, with only a few precious hours to scout locations and film. The most time consuming part of the setup was choosing the location and framing. Once I had the tripod leveled and my start and end points chosen, I had a panning time lapse running in a matter of a few minutes. The Anker battery was the perfect power supply for the short (30-minute to 2-hour) sequences I set up, even providing sufficient power for two, 2-hour, 2000-shot time lapses at ~32 F. In short, the TB3 delivered exactly what I needed a compact, durable, lightweight motion time lapse controller that was a snap to set up in the field.”