Mission Statement
eMotimo is a small, passionate, hands-on company, driven to create the highest-value camera products on the market. We enable photographers and cinematographer of all levels, to produce their visions and capture their moments in motion!


eMotimo was inspired by techniques used in the filming of the documentary series, Planet Earth. How’d it all start? The founder, Brian, who has a strong background in photography and engineering, wanted to produce similar shots himself, but the technology and products on the market were too expensive and difficult to use. He set out to make his own.  eMotimo was born in 2010 and sold its first eMotimo PT in January 2011.

We put a ton of our energy into creating our high-value, feature-heavy products.  We deliver what we promise.  We care deeply about customer service and the success of our users.   Our commitment to our community is long term.  We care about participation and work to have a voice in the camera/film/broadcast community.  We want to be a part of your kit – without ever locking you into a brand.  We focus on integration with other vendors.

All eMotimo products are designed and assembled in the San Francisco Bay Area. We do source globally as well as use local resources and services that are wonderfully located in our current location, San Leandro, CA. We take a tremendous amount of pride in the quality of our products.  By assembling and testing them in our own shop, we can pay close attention to each and every part that goes out our door.

We will continue to make products that push the camera/video/broadcast industry forward.  We are a team of creatives, inspired by creatives.  We are constantly evaluating new ideas and innovations to bring to our customers. We hope our products will continue to mix up the industry and enable users of all levels to do amazing things.