eMotimo cart

Nonlinear movement with precision accuracy

Coupled with the spectrum ST4, you can now easily capture 3 axis, panning, tilting, translating video and timelapse. Special thanks to Permagrin Films with Marc Donahue, Roth Rind and Alonzo for stopping on in and playing with us while consuming beers. Thanks to Danny Brown for playing with us while drinking beers out in the Presidio in San Francisco the other weekend. Thanks to Justin Majeczky of varient3.com and Marc Donahue for early product testing and feedback in the field. 

The eMotimo Cart takes your linear movement to new distances. Find a smooth surface, adjust the angle of the move, program the shot, and go; it’s as easy as that. The Cart is designed for capturing extremely long movements, circular movements, and parallax shots. Perfect for shooting sporting events, interviews, 360 degree product shots, transportation, urban environments, and more. The eMotimo Cart, paired with your spectrum ST4 will only add more creative power to your arsenal.


~15” x 10.5” x 5”


3 lbs.


With spectrum: 12 lbs.

With TB3: 8 lbs.

Without spectrum or TB3: 20 lbs.