eMotimo turntable

Turn the tables on overpriced production tools

The eMotimo Turntable is the perfect tool for any photographer and cinematographer to add to their kit. It is incredibly precise, repeatable, durable, and easy to use. It is a simple product that produces stunning results. It works well for capturing fashion, food, products, large and small. It works to shoot video, timelapse, and stop-frame. The idea for a a turntable isn’t new, but the eMotimo Turntable paired with the TB3, will give you more capability than any other turntable currently on the market. Shop now>

Completely repeatable passes – have your product change color while moving!
With our completely repeatable motors you can capture the exact same motion over and over again. This enables you to capture creative VFX shots. As an example, you could take multiple passes of a shoe and in each pass you swap out the same shoe for one with a different color. Then in post you could cross-dissolve between passes, creating the effect that the shoe is changing colors as it is moving.

Take repeatable passes of your subject at different stages of preparation, consumption, etc. and layer these passes in post. By transitioning between layers you can create unique VFX shots. Example shown on right is two layered passes (one pass uncooked and one pass cooked).

Capture smooth video to highlight the details and subtleties of your subject, ultimately making it more desirable for the viewer. Example shown is a gif. Actual video is much smoother.


7″ x 7″ x 5″


2.5 lbs.


75 lbs.