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Learn why the award winning eMotimo spectrum ST4 is the highest-value motion control device on the planet for whatever kinds of shots you’re looking to capture.

Learn why spectrum ST4 is the best motion control for:

We love it when you compare us against the competition. 

Here are some important specs to consider before making your motion control decision:

Weight to payload ratio (the ultimate comparable)

Power to portability ratio? Strength to mass ratio? Spectrum ST4 is the strongest motion control unit for its size and weight. We challenge you to find a lighter and more powerful 4-axis solution.

*Extremely fast

Pan speed: 203 degrees/second

Tilt speed: 77 degrees/second

Slider speed: 17.25 inch/second

*powered on 24V with direct drive slider motor

Ultimately portable

Not just small in size, spectrum ST4 is light.

spectrum ST4 Pan and tilt: 4.5 lbs.

4-axis spectrum ST4, 2FT iFootage slider, and Focus Fz: 13.5 lbs.

Load capacity

Spectrum supports 12 lbs. for our highest speed video and up to 15 lbs. for regular speed video and timelapse.  Go ahead and mount up your lightweight RED or URSA Mini.

Small form factor motion control

spectrum ST4 is the smallest 4-axis motion control that can support cinema cameras, measuring in at: 5″ x 7.35″ x 7.3″.

Number of axis controlled simultaneously

Control all 4 axis at the same time with spectrum ST4. No need to pair up separate controllers or control just one axis at a time.

Live wireless controller with joysticks

We’ve designed spectrum to work with the best gaming remote on the market. The PS4 controller is low latency (highly responsive) and has two way communication with the spectrum.  Even if you have never picked up this type of controller before, you will quickly feel how it excels at controlling multiple axes during real-time shots. Programmed shots set up faster. Controlling speeds and fine control is easier. You won’t get that from simple buttons or soft controls of an app.

Screen/display type

Sunlight readable OLED. Clear, bright, with great viewing angles and low power consumption. At -temperatures down 40 deg C, the screen will still be bright and readable.  At these temps, power hungry back-lit LCD’s found in less expensive controllers are unreadable and unusable.

Superior build quality

spectrum ST4 is machined from solid aluminum billets and then hard black anodized.  spectrum ST4 is designed to withstand all the rigors of your shooting environment. Keep it shiny if you want, but we think you will love it more after its taken some lumps and keeps on shooting.

Fewer cables – better wire management

Spectrum sets up with fewer cables. With both the pan and tilt axis built in, spectrum ST4 uses fewer cables than with stand alone controllers.  Camera triggering cables and Fz motor cables pan with the rig. Wire management is easier on every shoot.  With other vendors, see if you can find a fully hooked up system shown on their site!

We play well with 3rd party solutions

We don’t think you should have to choose one vendor for all your gear. Adding a spectrum st4 to your kit is great way to improving the speeds, capability and accuracy of sliders you might already own. For many popular brands, we make easy integration kits.  Besides HW, we integrate to all exposure ramping solutions, and upcoming desktop software integrations.

Unmatched cutting edge features not found on other motion controllers

Record/Playback: record a move live and play it back

GoTo Live Keyframing: Set keyframes to hit while shooting live

Complex programmed Keyframes in the field: Program up to 5 keyframes on all 4 axis. More keyframes to come in future firmware updates

Motor move presets: The spectrum ST4 is armed with 10 different motor move presets – turbo mode to damped quiet interview mode and everything in between.



spectrum ST4 Hardware Map

#1 Spectrum ST4

Spectrum ST4 controls and powers all 4-axis of motion at the same time.

#2 PS4 controller

The PS4 controller is included in every spectrum purchase. This control is great for wirelessly controlling 4 axis of motion precisely, intuitively, and simultaneously.

#3 Arca compatible L-brackets

To mount your camera to spectrums arca compatible tilt clamp, you will need to first mount your camera to an arca compatible L-bracket.

#4 Arca compatible clamps, ballheads, or monopod heads

Spectrums base comes with an arca plate mounted to the pan axis. You will need to lock it down by using an arca compatible clamp on your tripod or slider. For greater adjustability, mount spectrum to a ballhead or monopod head. These are great if you’ve moving up a slope on your slider and need to level spectrum, if you want to raise your spectrum up to avoid any interference, or for leveling on a tripod.

#5 Focus Fz & Integrated L-Bracket

Mount focus Fz to a 15mm rod. If you pick up our integrated L-bracket this is included and mounts to the end of the L-Bracket.

#6 spectrum ST4 / Shark Bundle

Mount your spectrum directly the the carriage on your shark slider and have spectrum control your linear motion.

#7 Tripod

Mount spectrum for panning and tilting to a tripod using an arca compatible clamp.

#8 eMotimo cart

Mount spectrum to the eMotimo cart by using a monopod head or ballhead.

spectrum ST4 Electronics Map

#1 spectrum ST4

#2 Camera shutter cable

Included with a spectrum purchase and sold separately. The camera shutter cable connects from spectrums camera port to your cameras shutter port. Spectrums built-in intervalometer will send a signal to trigger your camera to fire for SMS (shoot-move-shoot) timelapse shots using this cable.

#3 PS4 controller

Your PS4 controller connects to spectrum using the bluetooth dongle. Make sure this dongle is fully inserted before connecting your remote. Extra dongles can be found here.

#4 SD card: Firmware

An SD card is included in every spectrum ST4 purchase. Download new firmware from our site here, copy onto this card, insert into spectrum, and power on your unit to update your firmware.

#5 Power: 12-24V

Using the included AC adapter or an external battery, power your spectrum ST4 using the following specs: 12-24V. Minimum 2A. 3.5A preferred. Connector: 2.1mm x 5.5mm x 12mm circular barrel connector – center positive.

#6 Focus Fz: M3 or M4 port

Focus Fz’s primary motor port is M4. However, you can use two Fz units with spectrum and in this configuration you can use the M3 motor port for your second Fz unit.

#7 Slider

Your slider’s primary motor port is M3.

#8 Cart

Your cart’s primary motor port is M3.

#9 Turntable

Your turntable’s primary motor port is M3.

#10 External trigger

The spectrum’s i/o port is used for like external triggering or serial communication to external devices.

#11 future

USB port – future functionality – Powering the spectrum for motor moves from any USB port is not supported.