eMotimo spectrum

A new class of motion control


We are tremendously proud to introduce spectrum

We have already had a great response from the community to spectrum’s early access form so far, thank you! Did you know we assemble and test every unit in our shop in California before they go out the door? Learn more in our spectrum product video below:


(1) navigation joystick

(2) camera shutter port

(3) USB

(4) i/o port

(5) remote control port

(6) SD card

(7) 3rd motor port

(8) 4th motor port

(9) power port



motor speeds

tilt motor speed (greater than 30 degrees/second)

pan motor speed (greater than 50 degrees/second)


Supports payload of



spectrum uses an OLED display for its outstanding viewing angles, superior sunlight readability, and low energy consumption. spectrum’s OLED is designed to work well in the field. Shooting in low light conditions? Each pixel is individually lit, which helps to save energy and reduces the cast light when compared to a backlit display. In addition, the display will be bright in cold temperatures that make typical LCD screens unreadable.

Screen Cover

spectrum’s OLED sits behind a scratch resistant, UV coated screen protector. While not indestructible, the material won’t shatter, crack or chip on impact like glass or some plastics and is recessed for additional protection. The screen will not discolor over time and is designed to keep your spectrum display looking beautiful.

controller: DualShock®4

spectrum will be controlled with the Sony DualShock4. We needed analog inputs and low latency, 2-way communication to deliver a solution that would truly be up to the task of controlling multiple axes during real-time, high-speed and VFX shots in an intuitive way. The Sony DualShock 4 has all of this and more. Loaded with over a dozen buttons, 6 analog inputs, a multi-touch, clickable track pad, vibration and light feedback, in a comfortable, ergonomic platform, we could not be more excited about the possibilities for spectrum!

spectrum st4 features and instructional videos