The Timelapse Challenger:

“I am blown away by what can be captured in a single frame with the power of today’s camera, but my medium is to combine those frames into a compelling timelapse videos. I have the power to distill a sunrise down to a few glorious seconds, or capture the Milky Way moving across the horizon at hyper speed. I love using this medium to alter an individual’s perception of nature and the world in which we live.

I may have started doing this for the love of the art, but I must compete in an accelerating and quickly saturating market. I strive for staff picks and viral videos. I scout my location, set up shots and then sit back and enjoy. The sound of my shutter clicking away at regular intervals is my timelapser’s lullaby.”

The Timelapse Challenger might not be you, but at eMotimo we like to imagine these prototypical shooters for different areas of photography. It helps us to design solutions that meet the needs of an array of shooters in an ever evolving and diverse industry.

The TB3 Black and Timelapse Challenger go together. Preceded by the TB3 Orange and PT, two products geared at delivering large production motion control to timelapse enthusiasts and pros alike, the TB3 was similarly designed and built to be portable, affordable and easy to use. The TB3 Black and its accessories have enabled users across the globe to generate creative and impactful content. And we have seen incredible results:

Over the years we’ve also learned a great deal from the timelapse shooters in our community. Whether hiking into the backcountry to capture pristine wilderness under the Milky Way or capturing a bustling city street during the day, shooters needed lightweight, precision solutions that could withstand variations in temperature and travel well in many environments. We sold directly to over 80 countries and our customers shoot everywhere from the freezing Arctic to the arid Badlands. Although they loved the portability, ease of use and how well the unit integrates with timelapse control software, the most important feedback they gave us was about what the unit couldn’t do. Most notably, they wanted to increase stability in wind and increase payload.

We knew the TB3 wouldn’t be perfect, so we listened, and we hear you loud and clear.

Most companies would take this feedback and tweak their flagship product with some patches to release a new version quickly and capitalize on their success with minimal investment. However, if eMotimo did that we would ONLY have the best timelapse controller on the market… and we want to do so much more.

In order to stay on the bleeding edge of technology and deliver solutions ahead of their time we must listen to and anticipate the needs of the customer. This is something we take seriously. It also takes discipline and planning throughout our design process to deploy a solution that can adapt over time like the TB3 has with firmware updates and hardware enhancements.

Whatever you want to call it, our next product will similarly be capable of expansion and integration, to what degree we don’t know just yet!

– The eMotimo Team