The spectrum st4 excels is meant to be driven around live! The first time you use it, you will find that its faster, smoother, and quieter than our previous (or anything else on the market close to our class). This video is an overview of how to select a video preset for live shooting.

It easy to set up programmed moves and just let the spectrum drive, but driving your camera around live is sometimes necessary and an important ability for many shoots. Here are some examples:
1) Complex motion where 2, 3 point moves are approximation and don’t frame a shot well.
2) Run and gun shooting where you have seconds instead of minutes to capture a shot.
3) With zoom and macro lenses where you can’t capture a live scene manually without introducing camera shake
In all of these cases, selecting the right shooting mode or motor preset, will get you going faster with the right “feel”. When live shooting the right feel or motion response will give you the right balance of speed and damping for a scene. There isn’t a correct selection, try them all out and see what feels right for you. With upcoming firmware enhancements, we enable users to create and save their own presets.

The eMotimo spectrum st4 is a 4-axis motion controller with pan and tilt built in. It is meant for cameras 12 lbs and lower. It integrates and drives 2 additional powered axis like slide and focus. It is controlled by either the included wireless gaming remote, or the navigation joystick on the side of the unit.

For this video, the eMotimo spectrum st4 was paired to an iFootage Shark S1 slider in the above video enabling 3 axis (pan,tilt,slide). You can find more information about this slider or purchase the bundle.
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