“Timelapse with motion control is a dance in slow motion. Real-time shooting and high speed shooting requires coordinated motion where rigs move much faster. We are in a constant battle; a fight with physics; to accelerate faster and more smoothly. Speed opens up moves and capabilities previously reserved to expensive, heavy, and difficult to use rigs. One of the biggest changes you will notice right away with our new gear is that it is quick.”

– Brian Burling, eMotimo Founder

(Photo left: Brian, in college, testing speed by strapping on skis and bombing a sand dune)

Speed is an important feature in motion control and is indeed necessary to capture particular effects and shots. Although we offered a variety of different gear ratios and focused heavily on real time movement with our latest 109 firmware, we did have consistent feedback from our video shooters that they’d love a little more velocity out of the rig.

We think we can do better and are exited to show some lab footage to demonstrate what we’ve got so far. The specs for speed aren’t final, but we are already pushing way past the TB3’s capabilities. The following video is taken from a few of our no-incline test runs:

We can’t wait to see what will be possible when speeds previously available to only larger, more expensive, higher-powered rigs are delivered to the creative and talented shooters in our community in a portable solution!

– The eMotimo Team