“The right scalpel can make all the difference if it is comfortable in the hand of a skilled surgeon. It has to be sharp and balanced in order to feel like a natural extension of the hand.
Should the scalpel handle be made of metal or plastic? What if it was made of platinum and drove the cost of the scalpel up without adding increased functionality or a better feel? What makes a better scalpel? If you care about performance, don’t get lost in specs or fall for marketing jargon.
One must look at the end result to really measure the quality of this or any other product. Whatever it is you do for your craft, make sure you pick the tools that give you the best results.”
-Brian Burling, eMotimo Founder

So what’s the best motor for motion control? Well…there isn’t one. If there were a clear winner the other technology would have already died out and been replaced. The 8 track, cassette tapes, compact discs, these are all history now. However, steppers and servos are still here and the reality is that there are tradeoffs for each. Both have benefits and detractors when it comes to power, speed, torque, noise, price, size, heat generated, precision, response time, and interface.

To summarize our thoughts on motor choice for motion control: to know where you are is one thing, but more importantly, always be where you want to be. This is where steppers excel. At eMotimo, we don’t care just about hitting a target or an end point—we also care about trajectory. Controlled trajectory will ensure precise, repeatable results across the entire move. Stepper Motors have the inherent position control we need for stable trajectories and we can mediate some large detractors with additional testing and tuning. To show you some early results, here we are testing some rapid pan moves with a longer (180mm) lens for speed and precision. This footage should still be considered development and not final performance.

What’s next from eMotimo won’t just be precise; it will be break steppeotypes by being quiet and fast too. We think you will be excited to see what stepper motors are capable of!

– The eMotimo Team