Micheal Shainblum

Photographer, Filmmaker, Editor, Painter, Graphic Designer, Sculptor, and Animator.

About: Michael Shainblum is an artist. He makes art. It’s as simple as that. He is pushing the boundries of photography and film. His work has been used by or featured in Wired Magazine, Nike, Gizmodo, Disney, Forgiato, Digital SLR Magazine, The Huffington Post, Vice, NBC News, The Weather Channel, and more.

Website: http://www.shainblumphoto.com

The Michael Shainblum Interview:

Q: What got you into photography / cinematography?
A: I have always been very invested in art whether it be painting, drawing, or graphic art. Photography and video were the next steps in my exploration of art, and I fell in love with them. I then continued on to Timelapse, but I still actively peruse photography and video.

Q: What is your typical shoot like?? 
A: There is lots of planning involved, and there’s a lot of driving. I pick my locations ahead of time, and figure out each spot carefully. There’s usually hiking involved depending on the spot, and many unexpected problems happen along the way but I prepare pretty heavily before and after my shoots.

Q: What’s in your kit?
A: Canon 5D Mark iii
• Canon 6D
• Canon t2i
• Canon 70-200 f/4 lens
• Canon 17-40 f/4 lens
• Sigma 20 f/1.8 lens
• Rokinon 14 f/2.8 lens
• eMotimo TB3 Black (upgraded from TB3 Orange)
• Dynamic Perception Stage One Dolly
• Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Dolly
• Three Manfrotto tripods
• I also have a bunch of cards, batteries, intervalometer, various tools

“There’s a bunch of great tools for photographers and timelapsers, but the TB3 does everything I want it to do.”

Q: Why did you choose to go with the TB3?
A: It’s simple to use, lightweight, inexpensive, and it is a good company with great customer support. There’s a bunch of great tools for photographers and timelapsers, but the TB3 does everything I want it to do, and is probably the best value for that type of device on the market right now. I’ve hung my TB3 over a 60 story rooftop and I have also taken it to the Bahamas.

Q: What inspired Mirror City?
A: I have always been interested in graphic art, and the mirroring of images, and the symmetry in photography and videography has inspired me. I have been creating mirrors in my photography for a long time, and I thought that it was something that would be cool to explore in the world on timelapse, especially with motion control.

Q: What are kinds of content can we expect to see from you next? 
A: Cool atmospheric shots with clouds and epic sunsets. I post new Astrophotography and various images almost daily. Keep an eye for new content on my facebook page and website.