Marc Donahue

Film Director/Cinematographer

Name: Marc Donahue

Occupation: Film Director/Cinematographer

About: Marc Donahue is a cinematographer, a skateboarder, and the founder of PermaGrin Films. He has shot everything from commercials to music videos, but is most recognized for releasing multiple viral videos.

Sample Work:
Dream Music Part 2
My GoPro Array

The Marc Donahue Interview:

Q: How’d you get into shooting timelapse?
A: About 10 years ago I lived in Santa Barbara right on a cliff overlooking the beach. That’s when I fell in love with timelapsing. Filming the sunset go down and then speeding it up in post was my day-to-day activity.d depending on the spot, and many unexpected problems happen along the way but I prepare pretty heavily before and after my shoots.

Q: What happened from there?
A: I started a production company called PermaGrin Films, which shoots music videos, commercials and weddings. I am still a full-fledged timelapse junky though.

Q: What devices have you used to shoot timelapse?
A: I used to use an Orion teletrak pan/tilt head, which was a real pain in the neck. Although the head did pan and tilt using a DSLR, there were no ways of entering in specific data such as start and stop points, number of shots, and intervals. It also didn’t do shoot-move-shoot, which I think is one of the best features of the TB3. It is great because you can easily set up moves with long exposure shots firing off and the eMotimo TB3 will not move until the shutter is done taking the picture. You can even use GoPro cameras with the TB3 by setting it in video mode.

“A feature I really like on the TB3 is its ability to do repeatable moves. This has opened up a huge box of creativity for me when it comes to doing timelapse”

Q: What other settings or features do you use on the TB3?
A: A feature I really like on the TB3 is its ability to do repeatable moves. This has opened up a huge box of creativity for me when it comes to doing timelapse. Not only can you repeat entire shot sequences if you didn’t like their exposures or compositions, you can do day-to-night blends in post. I have been shooting in SF recently performing these moves and the results are coming out incredible! See shots below:

Q: Is there any advice you would give regarding eMotimo and the TB3 to a new user? (maybe this whole segment below is cut from this interview and saved for testimonials – I think with this question it works though)?
A: eMotimo has changed the game in terms of functionality, reliability and ease of use. Creating dynamic 3-axis moves is as simple as picking up a Wii remote and moving your camera from point A to point B. Just the mere fact that the TB3 has a Wii remote instantly gives the user a feeling of simplicity. Even a 2 year old could set up a shot. Other motion controllers are more complicated and they can get confusing. The eMotimo TB3 is simple and straightforward. The first time you pick up a TB3, I guarantee you will be able to set up a shot immediately. Honestly, I don’t go anywhere without my TB3. I also bring along their geared stepper motors and a bunch of tripods, say 4, to connect to dolly tracks for long dolly moves with the TB3 on top.