Daniel Kelly Brown

Professional Cinematographer & Photographer

About: Danny Brown is a cinematographer that specializes in motion control time-lapse photography.  Back in 2004 he founded his own production company Sensei Studios LLC.  Since then, Danny has worked on a number of short films, advertisements, and documentaries.  He has also created his own viral short films, some of which have done well in film festivals around the world.  Shots from his own films have also made appearances on the Discovery Channel.   His time lapse work is distinguished by seasonal changes, ice formations, and unique motion control moves.  Danny also specializes in stop motion product animation. He even created our recent instructional videos seen on our site! 

Sample work:
Time Lapse: https://vimeo.com/channels/503487
Product Animations: https://vimeo.com/album/1793221
All video work: https://vimeo.com/danielkellybrown/videos
Website: www.danielkellybrown.com
Production company: www.senseistudios.com

The Daniel Kelly Brown Interview:

Q: What got you into photography?
A: I have always loved art and always loved watching films. When I realized how powerful a medium film and time-lapse photography is, I had to dive in.

Q: What kinds of shoots do you go on?
A: Over the years I have been on a huge variety of shoots, which always keeps it interesting. I have shot from skiing at the top of Mt. McKinley and from the top of a number of Colorado’s largest peaks to a documentary in Haiti after the earthquake, and most everywhere in between. Recently, my best clients are an amazing construction company named Kiewit who I shoot all sorts of time-lapse videos for and a truly wonderful, creative, and multi faceted company out of Denver entitled “The Public Works”. For T.P.W. we shoot anything from music videos and large concerts to extreme events for Red Bull. “The Public Works” is a very dynamic and inspiring company, I encourage you to check them out online!

“This technology has been instrumental in my career to say the least.”

Q: How long have you been using the TB3?
A: Thankfully Brian, founder and inventor of eMotimo, considered my time lapses and product animations worthy of a sponsorship from early on in his company’s history. So I have been working for eMotimo and shooing on the PT and soon after the TB3 for a few years now. This technology has been instrumental in my career to say the least.

Q: Did you evaluate other similar products before choosing the TB3?
A: I suppose you can decipher, via my time-lapse kit, that I am somewhat of a tech and gear junky. I did, and I still do, a huge amount of research and investigation into different types of gear out there. Fact of the matter is that eMotimo offered, and still to this day offers, the most sophisticated, easy to use, cost effective, motion controlled, time-lapse system available.

“Even after setting up hundreds of shots with the TB3, it still blows my mind that I can use a wireless wii controller to engage the system.”

Q: Why did you choose to go with the TB3?
A: The wireless wii controller really helped to sell me on the product. Even after setting up hundreds of shots with the TB3, it still blows my mind that I can use a wireless wii controller to engage the system.

Q: What’s in your kit?
A: My kit over the past few years has grown quite ridiculous, thanks in great part to the TB3 for increasing the production value of what I can shoot. This results in me getting more jobs! I have always been a firm believer in investing in the right gear to get the job done, and I pretty much spend most everything I make on my gear. That being said I have the following in my kit:

Time-lapse camera bodies: 5d mark III, 5D mark II, 60d, Nikon D300s, go pro Hero3

Video Camera: Recently made a huge investment into the Red Epic!

Lenses: Cannon 16-35mm, 8-15mm, 70-300mm, and Zeiss 25mm, 50mm, and 100mm

Tripods: 2x TVC-24L Really right stuff tripods and a large collection of beefy other ones that I don’t use anymore after acquiring the RRS sicks!

Time Lapse motion control: Dynamic Perception Stage One and Stage Zero and Kessler 3ft Cineslider and of course the 2x TB3 blacks

Q: As someone who shoots the entire world, what’s the strangest place you’ve taken the TB3?
A: Just finished up a time-lapse video on my Honey Moon in Bali. While shooting in Bali there were times when I acquired a small crowd around the magical looking TB3 device and amazing Dynamic Perception stage one. I would say that has to be the strangest, most beautiful, and wonderful place I’ve taken the TB3 black (video above).

Other places I have taken the TB3, or should I say the TB3 has taken me, is on a Helicopter in Canada up into the mountains on a Heli skiing shoot I was on for CMH. Here is the final product of that shoot: http://www.youtube.com/v/-DpKexdpFCY. Also my recent job to shoot Burning Man made me realize that at that time of year, the Black Rock City is the most magical and wonderful place on earth. Here is the burning man content I shot with the TB3:

Q: What projects are you currently working on?
A: Currently out in NYC shooting some time-lapse and buttery slow motion 4k video of libraries for “Demco” and “The Public Works”. Then I will be headed back to Colorado to shoot skiing for Aspen Ski Company and Strafe Outerwear as well as continue my time-lapse and video work for Kiewit Construction.

Q: What kinds of content can we expect to see from you next?
A: I am currently working on a few personal projects that I am very excited about! One of which is a short film entitled “Tipping Point” which is a reverse rock sculpting magical film that is a sequel to my film “Balancing Point”. Next week I plan on venturing out into NYC on a time-lapse marathon where I plan to shoot a little 3min time-lapse edit that displays the most futuristic sculptures and building in Manhattan! I want to combine some slow motion from the red with the time-lapse in my upcoming short films.

Work related projects I have discussed briefly include videos and motion controlled time-lapse for Kiewit Construction, The Public Works and Red Bull, Jeep Aspen Ski Company, Town of Snowmass. I have previously done, and hope to do more work for, the highly skilled Camp 4 Collective and CMH hell Skiing.