eMotimo TB3 – 3-axis motion control camera robot

Capture moving time-lapse, video, stop-motion more easily and more affordably than ever. The eMotimo TB3 is the highest value motion control device on the market. It offers repeatable three-axis motion control for less than many competitors’ single-axis products. The eMotimo TB3 is portable, strong, and lightweight making it the perfect addition to your DSLR or video camera kit. While most people buy the TB3 for its proven time lapse capabilities, each shot sequence take is frame by frame repeatable, to allow you to create stunning visual effects with video and stop motion. The eMotimo TB3 is easy to use, intuitive, and extends your creative possibilities. Our guided user interface separates you from the complexities typically associated with motion control. This allows you to take your head out of the technology and put it back into your art. With seven easy to follow on-screen prompts, you can set up shots that just aren’t possible with other controllers. On a mountaintop, or in your studio, the eMotimo TB3 helps you to capture your moments in motion.

Product In Use:


What’s in the box?
TB3 remote 12V USA AC Adapter quick start guide tool kit


TB3 Black:

Wireless Remote
with shutter cable
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TB3 Black:

Wired Remote
with shutter cable
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TB3 Orange:

Wired Remote
with shutter cable
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Product Comparison:
Feature TB3 Black TB3 Orange
Panning Motion – 360 degrees +
Tilting Motion +- 75
Basic microcontroller
Advance microcontroller (x8 more
program space than basic controller)
TB3 Basic OS
TB3 Premium OS
2-point keyframing orange-dot
3-point keyframing
Giga Panorama
External Triggering (bulb ramping)
Easy 5 minute or less setup
Camera shutter triggering (built-in
CNC aluminum head & enclosure
Supports payloads up to 8 lbs
Basic adjustable camera plate
Powered third motor output for additional stepper motor control
Configurable I/O port
Wireless remote option
Base mounts to 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 threads
Open Source Software
Connects to DragonFrame Stop motion software
Tech Specs:
Dimensions & weight:


Connections & Ports


i/o port: for external triggering or custom outputs
aux step port: powers additional 4-wire stepper motor
camera: controls camera’s shutter release (cable required)
usb: firmware updates / software integration
power: 12V barrel connector
tilt motor: powers tilt motor





TB3 Basic Operating System (OS) includes:
  • 2-point keyframing
  • Shoot move shoot mode (SMS)
  • Video mode
  • Programmable ramp
  • Programmable stationary time
  • Entirely programmable from hand-held remote
  • HDR shooting supported

eMotimo TB3 Premium Operating System (OS) includes (not available on TB3 Orange):

The TB3 premium OS includes all of the features of the TB3 Basic OS, with the additional features: listed below:

  • 3-point keyframing
  • Manual triggering (stop-frame animation)
  • External triggering (bulb ramping solution)
  • Dragonframe integration
  • Giga Panorama

Power / battery / electrical requirements
AC adapter: The TB3 ships with a 12V USA wall adapter. Plugging in unapproved power sources can damage your TB3. Use one of these when you are close to an outlet or in a studio.
External battery: Accepts industry standard 12V DC power supply through a 2.1×5.5mm barrel jack (use a supply that can provide at least 1Amp continuous or 1.3Amp if using additional motor output). Learn more >

TB3 Product Map

What connects to the eMotimo TB3? Take a look at our product map below: