spectrum ST4 / Shark Bundle

Smooth, cinematic, 3-axis motion, easier, faster, quieter, and stronger. The spectrum ST4 / Shark Bundle is the most capable 3-axis motion control system at its price point. Pairing the eMotimo spectrum st4 with an iFootage carbon slider opens up lots of shot options where you need smooth linear movements. The extendable kit give you 2 or 4 foot moves that are smooth, lightweight, and ultimately portable.


Use 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 to mount the iFootage slider to a tripod. Tripods can be mounted to either side of the iFootage Shark Slider or can be mounted to the sliders bottom plate.

The slider is 790mm (31 inches) before extension tubes. With extension tubes, it can extend to 1,200mm (47 Inches).

Package Includes:

  • eMotimo spectrum st4
  • eMotimo Shark S1 integration Kit
  • 1 x Main Section
  • 4 x Leg Supports
  • 4 x Leg Supports
  • 2 x Carbon Fiber Extension Tubes
  • 2 x S3M Belt
  • 1 x Bag
  • 1 x 3/8 Screw Adapter

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The iFootage Shark S1 Slider by itself is an amazing rig. It is constructed of high-quality and lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum. The kit includes and zippered case, 2 segments of carbon rail to configure a 2 foot or 4 foot slides and a damping flywheel for smooth manual shots.

Add on the eMotimo Shark Kit and now you have the motor, cabling and support gear to drop your spectrum st4 on top and start driving it around for repeatable multiaxis shots for video and timelapse.