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eMotimo INC is a small and exciting hands-on company that is creating  products and innovations in the photography and cinematography space.  We started in San Francisco and but call San Leandro, CA in the East Bay our home now.  We are growing our team in several areas and are looking for the right people to help us accelerate eMotimo.

If you think you are a good fit for any of the positions listed below, we want to hear from you.  Send us a cover letter and your resume to jobs@emotimo.com so we can schedule a time to review your qualifications and interests.  We look forwarding to seeing if we match up!

If you are an eMotimo customer or even just a fan, we need your help as well.  If you know someone who could be a good fit at our fun little robot shop, send him or her our way.   If we hire based on your referral, there are some goodies and free stuff that we would be happy to send your way as thanks.

Open positions are listed below:

Embedded Systems Lead

About eMotimo:

eMotimo INC is a small and exciting hands-on company working to create innovative tools in the photography and cinematography space. We have in been business creating camera robots for 5 years and have received incredible feedback from the industry. We specialize in moving timelapse, visual effects, stop motion, and gigapixel photography.  Our tools have helped create footage on PBS’s NOVA, House of Cards, Deadliest Catch, FX Channel, History Channel, and BBC productions.


We’re on the lookout for an engineer with proven expertise in creating well-designed, robust, and intuitive consumer products. We are looking for the rare breed of embedded engineer who is as effective brainstorming about user experience as they are testing modules and writing custom drivers for displays.  We are looking for the right team member who is comfortable building innovative technologies in our dynamic, iterative and improvisational environment.
Here is a typical product life cycle:

  • Define Business Requirements – Work with our product team to refine business requirements for a new product
  • High Level Design – Create block diagrams and preliminary module selection to support business requirements
  • Module Testing – Run tests against HW evaluation kits to determine if modules can meet our business requirements. Build basic code to unit test and evaluate module performance / ability to integrate to final designs.
  • Create schematics for integrated design. Some of our designs we make open source, some are proprietary.  We use Eagle where it make sense, and will be transitioning to higher power design tools in near future based on advice from this hire.
  • Layout (desirable) – Generate layout for new boards. Interface with hardware resources to quickly prototype runs of 2-5 boards.
  • Software development – Bring up code to support the following hardware, peripherals, and communication methods:
    1. OLED and LED displays
    2. UI though buttons, encoders, joysticks
    3. Removable memory media (SD)
    4. BLE
    5. WiFi client and AP
    6. Buses – I2C, SPI, USB, CAN, RS485, UART, USART
  • Create production plan / work with local manufacturing partners to scale and produce final boards.


  • BS  – EE, CE, ME
  • 2+ years’ work experience
  • Experience with ARM Cortex M3, M4, M7
  • Portfolio of attributable work with references

Bonus Points if you:

  • Have fine soldering skills and aren’t afraid to play with 0402’s
  • Are tuned to work with logic analyzers, hardware debugging, and oscilloscopes
  • Like making cameras move and can empathize with the challenges field photographers and videographers face each day.  We build friendly robots for artists – not engineers
  • Keep track of emerging technologies and can envision new uses for them
  • Have a passion for problem solving
  • Are outgoing, and energetic
  • Thrive at multitasking


Compensation: Based on education and experience


*Part time hourly position with potential for full time role.