Essential 3-Axis Bundle in detail

Check out the footage Gavin Hardcastle shot with the Essential 3-Axis Bundle below:

eMotimo and Rhino Camera Gear have teamed up to give you precision 3-axis motion control unmatched in value Cinematic 3-axis motion just got easier. eMotimo LLC and Rhino Camera Gear LLC are proud to announce a partnership which now brings you high quality, 3-axis motion control. By combining a Rhino Slider with the eMotimo TB3 using the eMotimo Belt Drive from Rhino, you can now seamlessly capture stunning 3-axis time-lapse video and visual effects moves at an unmatched quality and price.The eMotimo TB3, eMotimo Belt Drive from Rhino, and a Rhino Slider is available now a bundle for a price of $1799.   Cinematic 3-axis motion for time-lapse, video, visual effects, and stop motion has never been easier.

essential 3 axis bundle